Time to analyze


We started testing A Game of Threes on the 6th of August last year, probably around 30 people played it till we released the game on the 27th of November. A Game of Threes got some publicity on the 6th, 7th and 12th of December which produced most of the 1200+ users. So 2 months have passed since release, we got a solid user base and thought it would be a good time to analyze the data. We put it al in a chart which can be viewed below.

We were suprised by the numbers. People actually play the game! But apparently it’s a difficult game, users seem to lose more then they win, so we decided to start developping a new stage! We’re gonna use the user data that we now have to improve the game big time. Thanks everybody who played and is still playing A Game of Threes.



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