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We started testing A Game of Threes on the 6th of August last year, probably around 30 people played it till we released the game on the 27th of November. A Game of Threes got some publicity on the 6th, 7th and 12th of December which produced most of the 1200+ users. So 2 months have passed since release, we got a solid user base and thought it would be a good time to analyze the data. We put it al in a chart which can be viewed below.

We were suprised by the numbers. People actually play the game! But apparently it’s a difficult game, users seem to lose more then they win, so we decided to start developping a new stage! We’re gonna use the user data that we now have to improve the game big time. Thanks everybody who played and is still playing A Game of Threes.

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De Drie Apps van de Week: Rayman Adventures, A Game of Threes en Cardboard Camera

APPDATE Volkskrant.nl zet elk weekeinde de leukste, handigste en meest informatieve apps voor u op een rij. Deze week laten we Rayman weer rennen, maken we paren van drie en schieten we foto’s in virtuele realiteit.


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Review Android.nl


A Game of Threes is in de afgelopen jaren ontwikkeld in de avonduren door twee vrienden. De game staat inmiddels een weekje in de Play Store van Google en dus vonden wij het tijd om deze game uitvoerig aan de tand te voelen, maar ook even contact op te nemen met deze twee dertigers om van alles te vragen over hun eerste mobiele game.


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Review op iCulture.nl


De App Store zit vol met puzzelspelletjes, van grote uitgevers tot kleinere zelfstandige ontwikkelaars. Een nieuwe titel in dit toch al veel bediende genre is A Game of Threes, een puzzelspel van twee Nederlandse makers. In de game is het de bedoeling om sets te maken van drie kaarten, waarbij de sets gebaseerd zijn op kleur, vorm, aantal en vulling. Dit maakt het spel meteen bij het eerste level behoorlijk pittig.


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A Game of Threes released!

The game has been released to Android and iOS. You can install the game with the links below!

googel-play-badge Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

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Game of Thr33s

storeapptitleiconGame of Thr33s is a fun, fast, easy to learn and addictive match 3 game to train your brain. In this demo you can play the first stage containing 50 levels. All levels can be played in Classic mode or in a thrilling Arcade mode. At the start of each level you get Power Ups that will help you get the Stars you need to get to the next level. Finish the level and earn coins by scoring sets, points and combo’s.

And best of all, it’s free!

Game of Thr33s was developed by 2 guys from the Netherlands. Working nights and weekends for 2 years to build this demo.

Download  it now, and play it on your Windows Phone!


Screenshot_2015-06-09-18-14-26 Screenshot_2015-06-09-18-21-48 Screenshot_2015-06-09-18-23-07 Screenshot_2015-06-09-18-24-13

Game of Thr33s is still in development. Updates are coming, which will bring new stages and features! Follow us on  facebook  for updates.

If you enjoyed this game (or if you didn’t) please rate it in the Store and give some feedback.

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Play the demo now for free! The first stage with 50 levels is now available for Windows Phone! We will be updating soon with more stages and new features!


Game of Thr33s will be released to Android and iOS later this year, follow us on facebook for updates.


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